Aubrey Mellor

I heartily commend the work of Walter Peter, especially his unique performances as the clown LaaPo Laa. I have had the good fortune to attend a performance at the Kerala Festival and can attest to the originality and success of this remarkable man.  In the character of a lovable clown, Walter Peter relates to audiences of all ages without verbal language; thus his performances are ideal in any country of the world, as he deals in sounds and gestures, communicating clearly with children and adults.

I am impressed that simple non-verbal communications between a clown and a child, can be philosophically profound whilst also being uproariously funny and endearing.

I can honestly say that in seven decades of theatre-going, LaaPoLaa, remains indelibly remembered with the warmest gratitude for having participated with Walter Peter in a world-class performance of unique qualities unsurpassed anywhere.