Our Offerings

For Children

The workshop gives a creative experience and a journey of ‘Near to Far’ with the use of Drama and Allied Arts as a tool to build Self-esteem, Confidence, Collaboration, Awareness, Potential, Expression and Integration with others and Personality Development through process-oriented approach.

The workshop helps one to discover the artist within through process of exploration of different art forms. It helps to learn how to communicate through various ways. Session focuses to give collective and individual experience connected with one’s surrounding.

We cover themes like CHILD RIGHTS, CHILD MARRIAGES, CHILD LABOUR, GENDER SENSTIZATION, HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT, WATER, NATURE AND WE EARTH, CIVILISATIONS, MOUNUMENTS, WORLD HERITAGE SITES AND INDIA and exploring PROMINENT PERSONALITIES OF THE WORLD. The workshop helps to explore above topics / themes by various creative ways and art forms. Children research, collect and contribute to their team. The whole experience provides them a deeper understanding on above topics where they learn, create and discover with fun.

A three to five days’ basic camp with safe and full facilities, natural space with a combo of Drama, Art, and Adventure with Action –Joy and learning together with team work to explore nature and understanding the self, total transformation in personality. Children will unleash their potential with learning from each other – self management, self-discovery through an educational camp- fun with LaaPoLaa.

  • Children Drama Group – 

We develop plays with children with the concept of process and production-oriented methodology. Children improvise or work on written script. The Group gives them a regular chance to perform and build their acting skills, production, management skill, children learn about Theatre History, street plays, Direction and much more.

For Youth


The workshop covers all the important areas in an actor like body, voice, speech, expression and preparation to become an actor. It helps in understanding characterization, play-reading and skills for performing on stage with the knowledge of back-stage management.

To enhance communication skills and awareness of different social issues with experience of making songs, music, script and action, the whole experience will also develop an understanding on different social issues. Participants will work in team and bring out youth power in their action.

Based on any theme, we explore the theme with the help of allied arts. The team goes through research, group learning, develop their own skills of expression, communication. One of the outcomes of the workshop will be mastering at theatrical performance.

‘Me to We’ Journey with Art and Craft, Collage-making, Sketching, Drama, Book Reviews, Film Appreciation, and Interaction with Theatre Practitioners, Dance Gurus and building understanding towards Drama /Theatre-In-Education is full of qualities to build your own personality, team-work, communication and expression.

Anyone can become a part of our Theatre Group and participate in our Theatre Productions and attend our workshops’ plans for the group. They can also choose the main-stream theatre group or work for and with children.


For Parents

The workshop focuses on child’s growth and role of parents sharing on different developmental age groups 0 to 17 and above them. Me and my family, relationship, child care, emotional wellbeing and other important topics are part of the workshop that help parents to discover their own responsibilities and action for the overall development of family. Session is full of practical activities making use of allied arts.

Family’s team-building activities, family-tree, history for building understanding, pride and rebinding of issues, needs and roles and responsibilities goes through lots of creative and participatory activities. Planning action with family, creating performance for dance, movie and much more builds a very well understanding among family members. dapibus leo.

For Teachers

Workshop consists of exploration of ROLE OF TEACHER within self and finding out possibilities, building potential, team-work, classroom teaching so that they can use drama as a teaching tool with students after attending the session and are able to deal with students more creatively, effectively. Workshop focuses on building participation. 

The workshop enhances communication skills, artistic vision. Teachers understand how to integrate Art-In-Education. We also cover student-teacher rapport, understanding learner, learning and planning development plans for classes. Teachers Personality Development Workshop involves fully practical sessions with use of Drama Devices.

Our focus areas are developing among Facilitators and Social Workers effective communication, personality development, building participation, connection and understanding the world of children, women and society. One discovers the role of facilitator, learns many effective tools to engage community development, develops theatrical skills and leadership qualities. Drama for change, Street plays, Drama-In-Education, songs, Theatre Games bring overall development in them. We also focus on issues connected with society and day to day life- Education, Health, Child Rights and many more topics are part of this Training Workshop.

For School

  • Workshops with Children
  • Teacher’s Workshops
  • Staff Team Building & Communication workshop
  • LaaPoLaa Festive Annual Day
  • TIE-Lab in school

We build effective communication through our sessions with teachers and staff. Events like Art Fest, Night Stay Activity, and Educational Trip/Camp with our Mentor Team.

Curriculum based TIE-Lab in School, Drama Club faculty.

Our unique process of LaaPoLaa Festive Drama Annual Day celebration brings an overall development of school. The show brings everyone on stage. 

For Corporate /Organizations

  • Staff training through our creative processes towards Team Building, Communication and Connection – Bond.
  • Me to We – LaaPoLaa Workshop- Outdoor Camp.
  • Annual Day Production
  • Workshops with Underprivileged children
    – Personality Development
    – Child Right
    – Protection
    – Health and Hygiene
    – Art Integration
    – Team Work
    – Life Cycle
    – Integration
  • Showcasing our Drama Shows and Voice of Laa Po Laa Band’s Performance.

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