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Since the beginning of Civilization, Art has helped us to have vivid experiences and allows us a richer understanding of discovering new skills. It reflects cultural values, beliefs and identity and helps us in preserving the different shades of past, present and prepare us for the future. We can say Art help us to meet our true selves by exploring our artistic expressions.

Like that in Laa Po Laa TIE – India, we help children, young adults, organizations, and social workers to have new experiences. Laa Po Laa provides them with a deeper understanding of emotions, self-awareness and the ability to express themselves in a free environment. 

We communicate by different mediums like Drama-In-Education and Theatre-In-Education, Music, Body- Movement, Mime, Craft, Collage making, Creative Writings, Drawings, Drama Devices, Theatre Games and Exercise, Applied Theatre, Process Drama, Developmental Drama and Curriculum-based Drama practices and many other ways of expression. Participants discover their true selves and set out on a journey with us to endless possibilities.

We use Allied Arts and Drama as our toolbox to plan our sessions, productions and workshops experiential, participatory, and exploratory. Our facilitation team works closely with the participants and gives them rich and fun-filled experiences.

In our productions (plays, dramas, etc) also, we emphasize the Laa Po Laa process and focus on each participant to go through different stages as an Individual and with a  Group through Learning and Innovations. So they discover and build Personality as a learner, a citizen and Human.

"Me" to "We"

Laa Po Laa TIE-India is willingly interested in integrating humanity by bringing individuality at the centre of focus since without individual(Me) Humanity(We) cannot exist. Therefore we have this vision from “Me to We”. It’s a journey from the individual self to the collective consciousness. It is a process-oriented session, workshop, shows, events filled with interactive participatory activities through which one can follow and lead – learn -unlearn-relearn and discover endless possibilities for all.

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