Why LaaPoLaa?

LaaPoLaa focuses on bridging the gap between an Individual (Me) and Humanity (We) by igniting the fire of expression, curiosity, confidence, imagination, and creativity among children, young adults, and organizations. Inspired by its founder’s Theatre-In-Education ideology – at LaaPoLaa, drama is used as a toolbox to manifest the magic of living. LaaPoLaa provides a safe, creative & nurturing environment for you to unleash your potential, enhance your skills, express yourself better, and win it in your personal and professional life.

Walter Peter

Founder & Director

Walter Peter, a devotee to the Theatre-In-Education, born in New Delhi, based in Ahemdabad is a learner, a theatre practitioner, and a dynamic artist with 30+ years of experience. LaaPoLaa is a canvas that he has been painting in the colours of his artistic vision.

Mr Peter laid the foundation of LaaPoLaa with a very strong purpose. A purpose is to bridge the gap between individual (me) to Humanity (we). He envisions bringing an individual at the centre of focus and then bringing humanity together.

Holder of India Book Of Records, Tedx speaker & Internationally awarded artist, Mr Walter is an Actor, Theatre Practitioner, Facilitator, Writer, Director, and Designer. His name also appeared in Limca Book Of Records. He is an Ex-TIE Co. member of the National School of Drama, New Delhi. And held a fellowship from CRY on “Change through TIE Process.” He has recently won the Best Actor Award at the Ginger Theatre festival Russia for LaaPoLaa Children Voices, the only play that appeared from India. He has also recently become a part of an esteemed Leeds-based theatre practitioner’s group – Story Makers, Beckett University.

He is a true Indian Spirit who sees locations, distance, or culture as no barrier and travels across the whole nation to make people from different walks of life including tribal children, school & college groups, organizations, professionals to come out of the crowd, find their voices, and express themselves better.

With LaaPoLaa his dream is to connect dots between the Me and We and cultivate the collective sense of bonding, expression, and manifest the magic of living.

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Let's Discover The Laa Po Laa within us and Empower Ourselves to Play Our Part in The Drama Of Life...

Walter Peter


LaaPoLaa stems from the zealous spirit of helping children, young adults, professionals & organizations by bringing each individual to the centre of focus.


To use drama as a toolbox to empower children, young adults, teachers, community workers to be more confident, expressive, imaginative, and creative and serve society as a whole.


In our workshops, sessions, and productions the participants are taken through the process of learning, unlearning, and relearning to instil in them confidence, broad perspective & a sense of liberation with allied arts and integration.

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